Premiere: Lazywax remix Supertaste with a Smooth Italo-Disco Touch

The song we’re premiering today is a collaboration between 2 bands we love. On one side, the Brooklyn-based duo Supertaste, and on the other, the Aussie duo Lazywax (composed of Kesmar and Tim Ayre).

Following their debut EP ‘Vol. 1’, Lazywax already has an impressive number of remixes for some of our favorite artists such as L’Impératrice, Roosevelt, Miami Horror, Classixx, and many more! We’re glad to see Supertaste added to the list.

Lazywax made great use of the vocals from ‘Spins‘ and added their own eclectic take, taking us into a cosmic journey. If you know the duo’s production, you know how it evolves and surprises us, so make to listen to the song in full to hear the euphoric keyboard solo!

“We’ve been massive fans of Lazywax since before Supertaste was even a sparkle in our eyes. It’s a bit of a surreal moment for us to have these legends put their magic touch on one of our tracks. We’re incredibly excited for you to hear, and grateful to our Aussie counterparts for absolutely smashing this remix in ways we could never have anticipated.”


The song is out today via Casablanca Records, along with an instrumental version.

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