Interview #21: GXNXVS

We had the chance to interview 20-Year-old producer GXNXVS from Australia! After his first EP last year, he dropped this summer the incredibly good “Easily”, that we posted right after the release. Read this interview to discover more about him! Hi ! Let’s start with an easy question: what does your name mean? Yo! It’s pronounced ‘genius’. Basically just […]

Daniel T. – Mission Hill Morning

Daniel T., from LA, is one half of the duo Cosmic Kids that you may already know. He released earlier this month a great remix for Lindstrøm & Todd Terje’s Lanzarote, as well as an original song called “Mission Hill Morning”. It’s a brilliant song, under space disco influences, that he’s kindly giving away for free. […]

The Alexanders – Pwoin Pwoin Pwoin

The Alexanders, the duo composed of Yuksek and Alex Metric, are back with a second single called “Pwoin Pwoin Pwoin”. Unlike the first one, this song does not feature vocals, but like “Don’t Miss”, it’s an incredible dancefloor killer. It mixes influences from French Touch, UK bass, even sounding a bit like Todd Terje. It’s […]

Set Mo – Tiptoe

  Australian duo Set Mo, first revealed about a year ago with their song “Keep On”, are back with a new original! Called “Tiptoe”, this is the first extract from their upcoming EP “The Crush”, to be released on August 29 via etcetc. It combines female and male vocals, with addictive deep house vibes as the […]

Interview #20: danglo

Hi danglo! Let’s start with an easy question: what does your name mean? Hey hey, I was called “Anglo Jackson” at Brighton University, I saw that there was already a band called that and so went through the alphabet late one night and added a “d”. I then dropped the Jackson as people kept getting […]

Friends In Paris – Waiting

So once more, I’ve got an upcoming and promising band to introduce you. As the name doesn’t suggest, Friends In Paris is a project between Kris Buckle, a London born singer/songwriter now based in South West Australia and David Newtron, a London based producer. Compared to MGMT for their psychedelia-through-pop tendencies and Hot Chip for their vocal smooth charm, the […]

Kindness – World Restart feat. Kelela & Ade

You may already heard about Kindness‘ second album last week: on Friday, he shared a very short teaser to announce the release. Luckily, he just took 3 days to reveal the first extract: it’s called “World Restart”, featuring Kelela & Ade. We are very pleased to hear the beautiful vocals from Adam that seduced us […]

Wayward – Speak On It

Last time we talked about Wayward was about one month ago, when they released the amazing song “Belize”. It was the b-side for their new single, and we can now hear the song “Speak On It”. This song sees them develop a soulful Balearic sound and now working with a more prominent approach to vocals on […]

Final DJs feat. Dana Jean Phoenix – We Are The Night

We have some news from German producer Final DJs! He just released his new song called “We Are The Night”, featuring vocals by female vocalist Dana Jean Phoenix. As Sebastien says, he went deeper than usual with this song, but of course, he keeps retro synths, which are a big part of his sound identity. A […]

Goldroom – Till Sunrise (Premixes)

If you’re following Goldroom on social networks, you may already heard of his upcoming new song, “Till Sunrise”. Before the release, he launched a very interesting and innovative concept. He is making the vocal stems from the track available for download to give fans the opportunity to “Premix” the song. Even before the release, producers are […]