Fyfe – Solace (Thylacine Remix)

Fyfe is the project of London-based producer Paul Dixon, who released in 2013 the excellent song “Solace”. Just before his album release, he shared a remix by rising French producer Thylacine, who revisits the track with a pretty good bassline and a dreamy atmosphere. Fyfe’s debut album “Control” is out March 9th!

Loframes – Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love)

Loframes is an exciting new project composed of James Yuill and Franck Russo. The project was revealed a few months ago and it’s today that they finally unveil their debut song “Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love)”. It’s a song mixing pop and deep house, with catchy vocals and just the right amount of saxophone. […]

Seoul – The Line

Seoul is a trio from Montreal, who impressed us with the songs “White Morning” and “Stay With Us”. In case you don’t know them yet, check these songs out! They finally revealed a new song yesterday, “The Line”. Again, it’s a very sweet song with melodic synths, guitar and the vocals from Nigel Ward. Another good news […]

DYLTS Exclusive : Final DJs – Memories of the Future Mixtape

After a chill mix by Eric Pajot, we have the pleasure to host another exclusive mix talking about future… but also the past. Final DJs, aka Sebastian from Germany, is regularly releasing excellent originals and remixes. Like his collaboration EP with Paradisko. The best introduction for this mix comes from him, read what he has […]

Bleu Toucan – Imagine EP

I discovered Bleu Toucan in November, with their brilliant song “Ananas”, part of the EP “Salade de Fruits” on the label Profil de Face. I saw them live for the label’s birthday 10 days ago and it was really good! Today, they’re releasing a new EP, this time on Continental Records, Jerry Bouthier’s label. It includes […]

SEEK – Away

This morning, I came accross a brilliant song on Soundcloud, which was posted yesterday. It’s the debut song from a Berlin-based producer called SEEK. What do we know about him? Nothing, except that he’s very talented. “Away” features an addictive groove, smooth vocals and a nice piano melody. It reminded me of Lane 8’s debut song […]

Premiere: Bearight & Solangi – Son of a Gun

I received this song a few weeks back, and I listened to it several times already. I’m glad to finally share it with you and reveal it exclusively! Bearight, aka Alex Kassian from UK, is back with a new release on the label GCR Music. He teamed up with Solangi to create this excellent house […]

Purple Disco Machine – Purple Pianos EP

“Germany’s Deep Funk innovator” Purple Disco Machine is releasing this week his debut EP on Kitball records, Tube & Berger’s label. It’s Purple Disco Machine’s contribution to the burgeoning piano house revival, joining the likes of Dusky, MK, Bicep, Stars On 33… It’s a genre I particularly like, so I’m fond of this EP. The first track “Where We […]

Get A Room! – In Between EP

Get A Room! is a French duo composed of Aurelien Haas and Jeff Lasson. Last time we talked about them was for the release of their Polo & Pan remix. They released a new EP on Yuksek’s label Partyfine called “In Between”. We already shared the first extract, “Agony & Pain” on Facebook, a real dancefloor […]

Cätcät – Boarding EP

Cätcät is a young French producer who released his debut EP “Kisses” last summer. He’s back with a new one called “Boarding”, featuring two original songs. He teamed up with 2 female singers: Mary H. on “Boarding” and Qveen Elizabeth on “Bang Bang”. The combination between these voices and the house beats of Cätcät sound very […]