How to Find New Music You Like: 6 Proven Ways

AdrienOct 28, 20236 min read

With so much songs available online, it can be hard to discover new music you like . As music blogger, people often ask me how I discover new music. The…

Pitchfork Music Festival Paris 2019: We Were There!

Pitchfork Music Festival Paris 2019: We Were There!

AdrienNov 17, 20193 min read

At the beginning of the month, we attended Pitchfork Paris for the 4th year in a row! Organized by the famous American media, in partnership with French agency Super!, the…


3 Days at Pitchfork Festival Paris 2018

AdrienNov 13, 20183 min read

Picture by Alban Gendrot For the 3rd year in a row, we made our way to one of  the most exciting events in Paris: Pitchfork Music Festival. Gathering some of…



AdrienSep 1, 20180 min read

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