Premiere: Kainalu Reveals the Music Video for “Revelator”

Kainalu is the project by independent multi-instrumentalist and producer, Trent Prall. If you follow our weekly playlist, you already heard one of his tracks for sure! We especially enjoy his album “Lotus Gate“, showcasing his psychedelic funk sound that’s quite unique.

After his Audiotree Live and “Revelator” last month, he now shares the music video for this new song. A perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in Kainalu’s universe, with a dreamy and psychedelic touch.

Revelator” is the first single from his forthcoming album, “Ginseng Hourglass“, which will be out in Fall 2022. He will drop 3 more singles in the coming months!

Who can better describe the concept than Kainalu himself? Check out what he has to say about the video:

Beneath a titanic bass line lies a deep lyrical exploration of one’s relationship with the finiteness of life. The accompanying video uses the backdrop of the Great Sand Dunes National Park to playfully transport viewers into Kainalu’s kaleidoscopic daydream. The visuals combine vintage psychedelia and naturalistic beauty, transcending space through the sands of time.

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