Premiere: Embark on a Road Trip with Tim Ayre’s “Miami Drive”

Following his self-titled debut EP released in 2019, Australian producer Tim Ayre will release a new one this year, called “Modern Life”. If you’re not familiar with him yet, he cites influences as diverse as the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Flaming Lips, Stevie Wonder or Daft Punk

After unveiling the track “Mexican Holiday“, he keeps on exploring the world with “Miami Drive“. Tim was not able to travel lately, but it inspired him to write songs, as he explains: 

 With the lack of travel recently I was writing songs that made me think about being away somewhere. ‘Miami Drive’ initially started with that idea. Things took a funny turn when Ollie (the music video director) and I got together to work out how we could shoot a clip about Miami while being stuck in Australia. We eventually found a street in regional Victoria called Miami Drive so we made our way down there hoping to film some bits for the video – instead of palm trees and sunshine we were met with servos and chiko rolls, in a funny way it showed an amazing side to Australian holiday culture.’

The song is full of fizzy guitar riffs, with that dream pop touch that we like so much in Tim’s sound. We can feel his 60’s influences in this song, which is perfect for a road trip. Today, we’re glad to premiere the fun video coming with it, showing Tim on the road:

Expanding on the video, Director Ollie Birt explains:

Tim and I really wanted to take a trip to Miami to shoot this clip but for some weird reason the planes weren’t flying. We instead used the budget to buy a car off a grumpy man named Greg and drove around for several days looking for Miami. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it. As we drove, we kept having these strange visions of objects and names, it was as if we were being drawn toward some mysterious town. Tim reckons it’s Atlantis, I reckon we are going insane.’ 

You can find the song on your favorite music platform. Keep an eye out for more new music from Tim in the coming months!

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