Introducing Aprile with his EP “Giving Up Time”

Today we want to introduce an upcoming artist we just discovered: Aprile, aka Nicolas Donnay, from Belgium. Revealed in 2015 with “Cheap Chick“, he then opened the shows of some major Belgian artists and play in several festivals.

Aprile now starts 2020 with his debut EP called “Giving Up Time“. His music is mainly influenced by soul and funk from the 70s and 80s, with the intention to make people dance. In 5 tracks, you’ll discover his unique dreamy universe, with the groove and smoothness as the main focus.

“I use my own melodies and the emotions they give me to tell a story and put words to it” – Aprile

You can listen to the EP on your favorite music platform, and follow Aprile to keep up to date with his live dates and next releases.