Zimmer’s Everlasting Harmonious Hit “Wildflowers” feat. Panama

“The Zimmer-Osis Effect”

Zimmer; a rarity in the line of musical creativity… fueled with constant barrier breaking escaping sounds…

Zimmer’s new hit “Wildflowers” featuring Future Classic very own Panama encapsulates, and unleashes all the dynamic cinematic sounds fueled in Zimmers ultimate art pieces. The distant shakers, naturally infused drums, and synths tied with Pamana‘s capturing vocals pushes great boundaries… Whilst sinking and aiding us in into the awe-introducing journey eloquently titled “Wildflowers”.

Roche Musique‘s Zimmer (aka Baptiste Zimmer) has been supplying us, and the music scene constant streams of barrier breaking sounds. Ever since his debut back in the days of nu-disco hip fueled remixes of Moon Boots, Kartell, Gender Chandler… to his 2 original EP’s…We have been witness to Zimmer’s constant discipline of pushing the limit of sound. With “Wildflowers” we get to hear and see the bloom of it.

Beginning with the natural melodic intro we are caught into Panama’s ever drawing sound. It’s perfectly topped with the natural touch of the bongo/conga combo and we are kept through with the vocals that fuel that riser. Leading and appropriately cutting to Zimmers classic horn melody tied with a perfect low zap rhythm.

We find a definite usuality in the sounds we’ve heard from Zimmer as the track progresses, however as our mind wanders for a split second the environment changes. Panama and Zimmer begin to unleash the definite Wildness” in Wildflower that is matched with the rhythmic and loop full tonal harmony chime dabbed keys.

Cutting to the silk cinematic strings Zimmer lays, we are brought to the beginning of the end. The listener, (and as I did as well) will yearn for more and be left stuck in a wanderlust for ”Wild Flower”. The top notch production of Zimmer with Panama’s flowing ties can emit all of these things from the average daily listener to the music connoisseur. Its dynamic in any situation you’re in. Whether it’d be the Sunday walk, cozy in bed or in a venue… “Wildflowers” is just genuinely enjoyable and will be heartfelt all the way.

Zimmer is currently on tour in the US and he’ll be back in Paris on November 22 for a special show at Badaboum!