Moi Je - Profite (Kazy Lambist Remix) - Do You Like That Song?
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Moi Je – Profite (Kazy Lambist Remix)

DYLTS - Moi Je - Profite

Following the release of their excellent EP “Profite” last year, Moi Je reveals the remix package for the title track, and a remix for “Marche”. French producer Kazy Lambist delivered a really good version of “Profite”, with a fresh and sunny sound, adding soulful vocals!

Other remixes come from some of our favorite producers: AutoReverse, Boycott, and 2 artists featured in our selection of artists to watch this year: CAPYAC and Sable Blanc.

You can stream Kazy Lambist and CAPYAC’s remixes below, and follow this link to listen to the full EP via your favorite music platform.



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