JBAG - Through Blue [feat. Kamp!] Remixes EP - Do You Like That Song?
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JBAG – Through Blue [feat. Kamp!] Remixes EP

DYLTS - JBAG - Through Blue Remix (feat. Kamp!)

We last talked about JBAG (Jerry Bouthier & Andrea Gorgerino) this summer, when they released their new EP ‘Through Blue”, featuring Kamp!. They released this month a new remix package, gathering cool producers: Mjolnir, Saint Pauli and James Curd.

Mjolnir gives the song a darker tone, while Saint Pauli goes disco with vintage synths. And last but not least, James Curd offers us a very fresh and groovy remix.

The EP also includes an instrumental version, and a free dub version… download it below!


In other news, Jerry Bouthier just released a new Kitsuné compilation called “Kitsuné Trip Mode”. You can have a listen to it here:



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