Parcels bring us positives vibes during the lockdown!


The Australian band, based in Germany and signed on the French label Kitsuné Musique, finally unveiled an entire live studio album.

No less than 18 songs are available in this Live Vol.1! It’s a great opportunity for those who didn’t yet have the chance to see them live. The fans (like us) will be able to remember these incredible moments during their show, the energy, positive vibes and great performers!

Parcels play songs from their “Hideout EP” to their first eponym album. It’s smooth and precise. You will also have some reinterpretation like “Enter” which is a great introduction, a sample from “Everyroad“, “Redline” And “Elude“. But also exclusive content with “Intrude“. This album was recorded at the Hansa Studio in Berlin. We love Parcels. We miss live shows so much.

Live Vol.1 is available on all digital platforms and on Vinyl at