Yuksek launches an ambitious re-edits compilation project

DYLTS - Yuksek Recover Partyfine

“A night filled with non – stop, reflective Disco Vibes”

At the Union Club in LA, I had the opportunity to meet with the talented, French extraordinaire Yuksek a few weeks ago ! We had a chance to discuss a bit about his new compilation “Recover – Re-edits compilation vol.1” released under  his label Partyfine.  The whole vibe was energetic and no one seemed to stop dancing! From Rambo playing hits from Athlete Whippet , to Yuksek providing us with luscious disco tunes and awe jarring drops, the whole night felt like it could’ve went on forever. A sort of trance you can say enveloped me and countless others in the audience..

“I’ve never danced so long to disco in my life… but i enjoyed every single minute of it…”

“Recover” is the first compilation of a re-edit compilations series that Yuksek is starting on his label Partyfine.

Every track on the release was  specifically made for it. Not only does this add more authenticity and diverse sounds, but it also brings it own special disco feel. In terms of order we have various artists from Yuksek himself, Jean Tonique, CLAAP & Santana, and even Yuksek’s brother in-law is  featured on the last track of the compilation.

Really neat to see how involved the artists were in making the compilation. Yuksek added and agreed that going about making tracks specifically for compilations definitely adds more authenticity and uniqueness. Most compilations that we see are often composed of tracks that have been already made previously and they are just set in a particular order.

With Yuksek, he took on the challenge to release a fresh and diverse compilation that’ll keep dancefloors dancing and Dj’s spinning. The amount of emotiveness derived from the tracks can’t be explained in words, but Yuksek made it possible for you to uncover that with each track.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should go ahead to Partyfine’s Bandcamp profile to stream and download it!