Austrian duo Leyya unveil their second album “Sauna”

Leyya is a duo from Vienna, composed of Marco Kleebauer and Sophie Lindinger. Childhood friends passionate about music, they have decided to launch this project in 2014. They have quickly received a lot of attention with their debut EP “Drowned In Youth“, followed by the album “Spanish Disco“.

Last year, the duo received the FM4 Award at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2017, and worked on their second album “Sauna“. Sauna, to them, is a symbol for getting together without any social barriers or classes, where nakedness also brings a certain equality.

The singles from the album let us discover the danceable and playful universe of Leyya: “Drumsolo“, “Zoo” and “Heat“.


We can hear their multi-instrumentalists backgrounds, as they mix sax, synths, bass… and samples. The album also features more intimate songs highlighting Sophie’s beautiful voice, like “Candy” and “We Did OK“.

To create the album, Leyya say they “stayed naïve”” as“it drives innovation”, and we think they should keep that spirit!

Listen to “Sauna” on digital platforms and check out their tour dates!