Midnight Pool Party – Dalliance EP

Remember when we talked about Midnight Pool Party with their song “Waiting“? Well, the Australian duo has just released their debut EP called “Dalliance”, featuring 5 tracks.

It starts with “12 AM“, whose funky synths progressively puts us in the right mood to discover the release. The second one, “Collide“, is defined by the duo as an “emotionally charged track”. With its joyful vocals, “This Love” is the perfect track to make the transition before listening to the second part of the EP. Then comes “Vulnerable“, the new single accompanied by a music video shot and directed by Sydney filmmaker, Roan Sajko. Finally, the release ends with “Waiting“, which is already a classic for me!

To sum things up: an excellent debut EP from the Australian duo, that we’ll be listening until summer arrives in Europe… You can listen to it in full via Spotify, Apple Music, or your favorite music service!


The title of the EP is reflective of the playful but bittersweet motions of the ups and downs of relationships. From our first catchy bangin’ single ‘Waiting’, to our emotionally charged track ‘Collide’, we definitely feel as though we are taking listeners on a new journey with us.

– Midnight Pool Party