Interview & Video Premiere: Σtella talks about her album “Works For You”

Σtella (or Stella) is an artist from Greece that we’ve been following for a while. She has just released her second album “Works For You”, made of “eleven pop songs talk about love and friendship, and celebrate introspection”.

To celebrate the release, we have the pleasure to premiere a brand new video for the song “Watch Me Dive”, made by Stella herself!

We also had the chance to chat with her, read our interview to learn more about her and this new album!


Hello Σtella, to begin, can you introduce yourself? When did your project started?

Hello there! I started around 2012 when I slowly worked on three tracks with my buddy and producer Sillyboy, I uploaded them on my personal Soundcloud account, and by the end of that year I had put a band together. I named the digital EP “Keep Me Naked” and got some pretty good feedback back so that helped me get a label, Inner Ear Records, here in Greece.

How did you get started in music production? What were your main influences?

Everything I do is pretty much home studio stuff, and I like it that way. I’ve listened to a lot of music from the late 80’s and a whole lot from the 90’s but my mind was stuck for a long time with music from the 50’s and how songs were made back then. My drummer, Elias says that I have kinda funny influences, but I don’t really know what he means.

Can you tell us more about your new album?

“Works For You” is my second album and most of the songs on it I wrote when I was recording and finishing up with the first album. I think my intentions tipped more to the mellow side this time. I wanted everything to sound sweeter in my ears and I tried to make it simple, both in terms of structure and sound.

Are you planning live shows this year? Any chance to see you play in Paris soon?

We are performing at SXSW in March this year and I really can’t wait to get to Austin, Texas and play. Hopefully we’ll meet some good people there and start with some shows in Europe. So yes I would love to play in Paris soon, I’d say I’m chasing that chance.

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You regularly collaborate with NTEIBINT, what is your creative process when you work together?

George and I have a lot in common. We think alike in music, and even though our main fight is about how loud the drums are, we have put together some really nice tracks, three of them where released through Eskimo Recordings (BE), and we have also worked on both of my albums together.

On the first album I had recorded almost everything in a home studio and then took all the channels and worked on them with George. On the new album I was happy to take some demo tracks from my house and even one track from my mini iPad, and then finish them up with George. We also had two tracks from this album recorded live.

We don’t know much about the electronic and pop music scene in Greece. Which artists should we listen to?

Greece is really blossoming right now. You should listen to artists like Sillyboy, Whereiswilder, Acid Baby Jesus, Afrodyssey Orchestra, Kid Flicks, Larry Gus, Deaf Radio, Sissi Rada (not all are electronic or pop but they are worth checking out).

I’ve read you are painting too, where can we see your creations?

Ha! Yes I graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts some time ago, I do still draw when I have time and here you can check some of what I do:

Thanks to Σtella for answering our questions! Listen to her new album “Works For You” and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud.

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