Interview #31: SG Lewis

DYLTS - SG Lewis - Interview

SG Lewis is an artist we’ve been following since the beginning, after he released his awesome debut “Warm”. After signing to PMR Records (home of Disclosure, Julio Bashmore…) and releasing his debut EP “Shivers”, Sam is set to release more music this year. We asked him a few questions to know more about his projects, just before his show in Paris for TheSoundYouNeed Festival.

Hello Sam! To begin, can you explain us your background in music? When did your project SG Lewis start?

Hey! I started learning to produce when I was at high school – I used to make really rubbish dubstep remixes for fun, and put them online. Slowly I got better, and started to find my own sound. I then went to University to study Sound Engineering, and started to put music out under the SG Lewis alias.


You are signed to PMR Records, the label of Disclosure. How did you begin working with that imprint?

In 2014, I spent every day of the summer in my bedroom writing a load of music. My friend Grant had started managing me, and he was meeting a load of people in London. My music got sent round by some A&R’s, who passed it on to the PMR guys. PMR Records was one of my favourite labels at the time, so when they called us in for a meeting I was so excited. I had no idea they were interested in signing me, but after one meeting and playing everything I had, they decided to sign me straight away!

You released your debut EP “Shivers” last summer, were you happy with the response to it?

The response has been so incredible to the EP – I didn’t expect people to connect with the music like they have done, and it makes so excited to release more music. I’m looking forward to showcasing different sides to what I do as well.

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Songs from your EP “Shivers” were remixed by artists we really appreciate (Kartell, HONNE, Isaac Tichauer…). Did you choose the remixers yourself?

Absolutely! I was asked who I would want to remix the EP if I could choose anyone, and all of those names were on my ‘dream’ list. I was so surprised and happy when they agreed to do the remixes, and I love the remixes so much.

I’ve read in another interview that you would release a second EP this year, and your album this summer. Can you tell us more about these releases?

I’ve decided to release the EP bit by bit over the next few months rather than all at once, but I have a lot of new music finished. Then working torwards my debut album for the start of next year!

I saw you playing at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris last year with Jonas Rathsman, it was great! What did you think of the parisian crowd?

That was such a fun gig! Parisian crowds are actually my favourite in the world, and I’m not just saying that. They have a real appreciation for the slower tempo music, and have really good knowledge about underground music.

Are you excited to play in the legendary venue L’Olympia?

SO excited! I was so excited when Olivier (from TheSoundYouNeed) asked me to play. The photos look stunning, and it’s a real honour to be playing such a legendary venue. It looks massive!

When u spot your mum in the crowd 🙋🏼

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You are playing for TheSoundYouNeed festival. To what extent did this channel help you to promote your music?

TheSoundYouNeed (Olivier) was one of the first channels to support my music, and it served as a massive springboard for exposure. They have such a loyal fan base, and I owe so much to TSYN for sharing my music with their followers. Their events are always so much fun, and there is always an amazing atmosphere.

Thanks for answering our questions. To conclude, can you tell us something in French?

Salut! Je suis SG Lewis , et j’aime le poulet frit <3
(That’s probably wrong, sorry haha)

It’s actually right! Follow SG Lewis here: Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.