Clarens – Pray

DYLTS - Clarens - Pray

We introduced you to French-producer Clarens this summer, when he released his beautiful debut song “Trust”, as part of Partyfine’s first compilation. He’s back with a second song called “Pray”. Again, it features the stunning vocals from Clarens, with burbling synths and a R’n’b sound, reminding of bands we love such as Blood Orange and Kindness.

Here is the story behind the track:

“When I arrived in Rennes I was determined to become a musician by any means, not only because it is music that makes me feel alive, but also because music is the only thing I can do properly. I wrote this song as a prayer towards anyone who could help me become the person I am today- I didn’t know at the time that my wish would be fulfilled that fast” explains Clarens.

“Pray” has been produced by Yuksek and JS Le Gouic (from Juveniles), it will be out November 24 via Partyfine!