Last Lynx – Killing Switch (Viken Arman Remix)

Last Lynx - Killing Switch (Viken Arman Remix)

We discovered Viken Arman with his great EP “Addiction” on Délicieuse Records. He is producing some great deep house, we strongly suggest you to listen to this EP! He proved he’s also a great remixer: after remixing Stavroz’s song “The Finishing”, he unveiled this week his remix for Last Lynx’s “Killing Switch”. To sum up what it sounds like, I would say it’s super smooth. I really like the way he reworks the track to give it a chillout tone. He’s giving away the track for free, don’t wait to grab it!

Viken Arman will be playing on July 5th in Paris. Tickets are to be won with a contest we’re running, more details here!


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