La.Ga.Sta. Late Summer Compilation 2012

The blog Last Gas Station, from Athens (or La.Ga.Sta for the short version) just released a new compilation called “Late Summer Compilation 2012″. Listening to this, I’m wondering if there could be a better soundtrack to finish summer and holidays in a happy mood… The answer is no! From the start, the tropical vibes of A.N.D.Y.’s exclusive new track “The Room” should make you agree. Every track is exclusive, or is downloadable for free for the first time as part of this compilation! It includes artists often featured here, like A.N.D.Y., Pharao Black Magic, Panama, Lane 8, Montevideo, Satin Jackets….

To know more about each song, click here! You can download the compilation on Zippyshare or Sendspace.


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