Bartok – Deeplodocus EP

Berlin-based label Steyoyoke is back with a fifth release. If you’re not familiar with this label, you have to know they developed a special philosophy around their music: they “want to show that music-art is still alive and that new and fresh ideas are worth being listened to and spread”. They define the label as “an open network that focuses on communication with their listeners”. So far, their releases from I’m Fine & Antonio Olivieri, Dahu, Soul Button and Sasch were all of great quality.

This three-track EP from Bartok mixes deep house, funky, ambient and big room sounds. The opening track, “Cherries”, should quickly introduce you to the atmosphere of Bartok’s music, with nice synths and vocals. “Deeplodocus”, my personal favorite from this release, is a brilliant instrumental track that evolves all the way through. Finally, “Munch Munch” closes this EP, with a strong bassline, more adapted to the dancefloor than the other tracks. It will be out on September 7!

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