Discover CAPYAC's fun universe with "Who Is Donny Flamingo?" - Do You Like That Song?
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Discover CAPYAC’s fun universe with “Who Is Donny Flamingo?”

DYLTS - CAPYAC - Who Is Donny Flamingo

CAPYAC is a band from Austin, defining themselves as a “dance music act with style”. We have discovered them with the incredibly good “Speedracer” and we’re happy to see them release the EP “Who is Donny Flamingo?“. The cover and concept reveal their fun approach to music. The 8 tracks on the EP combine smooth vocals, groovy guitar riffs, synths, saxo…

The band says that they “have a general desire to make people dance more”, and we can say they achieve it with this release. We have heard they are performing really fun and energetic live shows, so let’s hope they will tour soon…



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