LUXXURY is giving us "Pleasure!" - Do You Like That Song?
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LUXXURY is giving us “Pleasure!”

After interviewing the duo Wild & Free, we stay in LA and in a nu-disco mood with Luxxury. Blake Robin always produces tunes with a special feel-good sound: “Breathe“, “What Do Ya Really Want?“…

On “Pleasure!“, Blake collaborates with Zach Robinson (D/A/D) on Rhodes and flute solo, and Becca Schack (Beca) doubling the mimimalist vocal. The song has literally just one, single word! When writing the song, LUXXURY wanted to beat the short-but-sweet lyrics kings Daft Punk (“Around the World”) and Duck Sauce (“Barbara Streisand”). The word Pleasure worked perfectly to give this sunny vibe to the song!



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