NTEIBINT feat. Birsen - Riptide - Do You Like That Song?
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NTEIBINT feat. Birsen – Riptide

DYLTS-NTEIBINT feat. Birsen - Riptide

For sure, Greek producer NTEIBINT is in my top 10 list of upcoming producers of 2014. His remixes for Justin Faust and Chet Faker are just incredibly good, and his EP “Never Without You” too.

To end the year, he’s back on the label Eskimo Recordings with “Riptide”. It features Birsen on vocals, accompanied by dreamlike melody. The synths give a futuristic sound to the track, and it just sounds great. To learn more about NTEIBINT, check out our interview with him!

The EP will be out December 8th, including an instrumental mix.



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