Touch Sensitive & Ego need YOU for their project #VJUKE! - Do You Like That Song?
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Touch Sensitive & Ego need YOU for their project #VJUKE!

Touch Sensitive and Ego #VJUKE


Something a bit different for today: Australian producer Touch Sensitive, revealed with the amazing song “Pizza Guy”, is collaborating with Visual artist Ego for a special project. They’re calling fans to submit Instagram videos with specific audio and visual themes they’ll need to create the final track.

So anyone can get involved! All you need is a smartphone with Instagram! You can shoot anything that inspires you, preferably with a song that can be sampled. As an example, Touch Sensitive recommended today to listen to the intro of this song:

After shooting your video, tag it on Instagram with the hashtag #VJUKE, the name of the project. Touch Sensitive and Ego will then select the best ones. They will then perform their finished audiovisual track at an immersive one-off gig in Melbourne on Thursday 21st November.

And there’s a prize for creators of selected videos! A ticket, including a plus one, to the launch of the track at an undisclosed location in Melbourne CBD on 21 November.

So don’t wait, POINT, SHOOT and TAG! Check out the video below to learn more about the project and follow @VJUKE as well as @touchsensitive for hints on what’s making the cut.

An interesting and innovative project! Looking forward to the final result.


And because it’s so good, we listen again to “Pizza Guy”:



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