Zimmer’s Everlasting Harmonious Hit “Wildflowers” feat. Panama

“The Zimmer-Osis Effect” Zimmer; a rarity in the line of musical creativity… fueled with constant barrier breaking escaping sounds… Zimmer’s new hit “Wildflowers” featuring Future Classic very own Panama encapsulates, and unleashes all the dynamic cinematic sounds fueled in Zimmers ultimate art pieces. The distant shakers, naturally infused drums, and synths tied with Pamana‘s capturing …

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Panama – Undertow

Panama are one of the first bands I’ve talked about on the blog, when they’ve release their remix for Midnight Magic. They didn’t disappoint since then, and it’s nice to see them back with a new EP out this month, called “Hope For Something”. After revealing the title track, we can hear today “Undertow”. With their …

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Panama – Magic (Midnight Magic Remix)

Future Classic signed the Sydney’s band Panama, and they are celebrating with this free track! “Magic” is a great disco pop song. This remix by Midnight Magic accentuates the disco influences, the result is a catchy summer anthem. It was featured by The Magician in his latest mixtape. Definitely a magic tune! [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” …

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