Soul Clap – Shine (This Is It) ft. Nona Hendryx

DYLTS - Soul Clap - Shine (This Is It) ft. Nona Hendryx

Fresh off their excellent Boiler Room set last week, the duo Soul Clap unveiled a new single, the first extract from their upcoming self-titled album. Called “Shine (This Is It)”, the new song features vocals by Nona Hendryx, combined with the funky Soul Clap sound, with synths and horns.

‘Shine (This is It) started as an experiment using as many sounds from the Moog Sub37 as possible,’ explain Soul Clap, ‘We wanted to write something that felt as modern as it did retro, which is a typical frame of mind for us over here!

The release includes remixes by the legendary Dimitri From Paris and DJ Rocca, who take us back to the piano driven, italo house sound of the 90’s! We don’t know yet the exact release date of the album, but it has been four years since their debut album, so we can wait a few weeks more!