Nicolas Jaar – Tourists (Creange Remix)

DYLTS - Nicolas Jaar Creange Remix

As you’ve may seen, Nicolas Jaar recently released a new album. Honestly, after listening to a few tracks, I found it hard to really get into it. Creange is a big fan of Nicolas Jaar, admiring his ability to create “singular and absorbing musical words”. He chose to remix “Tourists” and make it more danceable, taking the best parts of it to create a beautiful melody, with an addictive groove.

Discover the remix and grab it for free below!


Here’s what Creange has to say about the remix and his approach:

“I have always been impressed with Jaar’s ability to create such singular and absorbing musical worlds. Once again I decided to add my dancing feel to it ! Hope you’ll like it, can’t tell you how much joy I had making it. 
I also wanted to tell you why I chose the picture on the left as a visual starting point for this remix. It all started with me googling « Pomegranate ». This picture immediately drew my attention. Indeed I discovered it was taken by Tal Shochat, an Israeli photographer born in Netanya (Israel) a town where I used to spend my summer holidays when I was a kid and where I ate my very first pomegranate !
Anyway, what is interesting is that through this picture Tal Shochat questions the boundary between nature and artifice. This is what she does: she identifies the perfect specimen of a tree in its habitat, waits for the fruit to be at the height of maturity, then cleans the dust off the branches, leaves and fruit. She photographs the tree artificially lit and isolated with a black cloth background. The result is a view of nature that would never actually exist in a natural environment. 
Once I read that I kept on thinking of this remix, inviting us to let our senses wander while strolling and traveling from a destination to another. But I also thought of us tourists traveling with our cameras, flashing bits of foreign realities without really understanding them. I like to think of Jaar and Shochat’s work as a visual and musical missive to encourage us to have a different look at the world that surrounds us.”