Kitsuné Soleil Mix 2 by Gildas Kitsuné & Jerry Bouthier

Kitsuné Soleil Mix 2 by Gildas Kitsuné & Jerry Bouthier

If you’re familiar with the label Kitsuné, you may know they released last summer a compilation called “Kitsuné Soleil”. Well, they did it again this year, with a second volume! As usual with this label, the selection is very good. It features 20 fresh tracks, all very adapted to the warm days coming. Listening to this compilation is the opportunity to catch up with the Kitsuné releases of this year (from The Swiss, Dombrance, Crayon and Pyramid…) discover young upcoming talents, and also listen to rare songs, for example one of the famous Gildas Kitsuné Club remix, that he made for Saint Michel.  In random order, you’ll also hear music from JBAG, Roosevelt, Goldroom, Jupiter, Kamp!, Alan Braxe… There’s a great variety of artists! The first volume was my summer soundtrack last summer, it will probably be the same with this second one!

To get an idea of what it sounds like, you can listen to the first 30 minutes below:



1. Superpoze “Pavane”
2. Tiny Dragons “Canvas (Pact Remix)”
3. JBAG “Mogadisco”
4. Dombrance “The Witch (Feat. Sourya) (Aswefall Remix)”
5. Is Tropical “Dancing Anymore (Two Door Cinema Club Remix)”
6. Viceroy “While We’re in Love (Feat. Ghost Beach) (Fare Soldi Remix)”
7. Kent Odessa “Bo Jacksons (Hays Holladay Remix)”
8. Roosevelt “Soleil”
9. Charli XCX “You (Ha Ha Ha) (Goldroom Remix)”
10. The Swiss “Elouisa (Villa Remix)”
11. Saint Michel “Katherine (Gildas Kitsuné Club Dub Night Remix)”
12. Jupiter “Starlighter (JBAG Remix)”
13. Crayon “Cosma (Pyramid Remix)”
14. Kamp! “Distance of the Modern Hearts”
15. Hot Chip “How Do You Do (Todd Terje Remix)”
16. Two Door Cinema Club “Next Year (JBAG Remix)”
17. D E N A “Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools (Lou Teti Remix)”
18. Sean Bones “United (Phone Tag Remix)”
19. Yelle “L’Amour Parfait (Instrumental)”
20. Alan Braxe “One More Chance (with The Spimes)”

A video was released for JBAG’s “Mogadisco”, check it out here:

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