L’Equipe du Son – Transmissions LP

L'Equipe du Son - Transmissions LP

In case the name L’Equipe du Son doesn’t remind you of anything, I suggest you to check out the wonderful song “Lesson 1” first! It’s actually the solo project of Rutger Van Der Kraats, and “Transmissions” is his second album. He wanted to give some sort of narrative to the album, as the first cinematic track “Prologue The Story Begins” indicates. “Transmission 1 Le Rocker” is quite epic, with some rock influences, and heavy synths.

Troughout the album, you can quickly realise that Rutger has been under many influences: funk, nu-disco, French touch, rock, synth music… I loved “Lesson 1”, and “Lesson 2” doesn’t disappoint neither, being one of the best tracks of the LP in my opinion. Full-length albums are becoming rare in electronic music, and L’Equipe Du Son managed to deliver a good one, enjoyable from the beginning to the end.

Stream it below and see it for yourself!

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