Spotlight on electropop duo Soldout

Soldout is a Brussels-based duo composed of Charlotte (vox, keyboard) and David (synths, drumbox, computer prog). I discovered them only a few days ago with their song “Wazabi”, but they started producing music in 2003, releasing their debut album “Stop Talking” in 2004. Their second album “Cut” was out in 2008, you can stream it on Soundcloud. Their music evokes many influences, from electro rock, post-punk….these albums mainly made me think of Peaches and Le Tigre.

They recently revealed their new song, “Wazabi”. It’s a catchy electro pop song, with a great video clip showing the duo in an intimate atmosphere. Discover it below: (available now on iTunes)

Also, don’t miss their remix of Housse de Racket’s song “Aquarium”. This is really good, I like how they highlighted the vocals and added an electro pop touch:

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

The duo is working on their third album that is due this fall. For more info, you can visit their website, and follow them on:




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