Premiere: Discover Sam Dian's summer song "Movie Star" - Do You Like That Song?
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DYLTS - Sam Dian - Movie Star

Premiere: Discover Sam Dian’s summer song “Movie Star”

DYLTS - Sam Dian - Movie Star

Sam Dian is a composer, singer and guitarist based in Paris. He has been influenced by various musical genres like hip hop, Jazz, Funk… He has released a few tracks already, including the very successful “The Light” last year. 

He is back with a new song that we have the pleasure to premiere: “Movie Star“. In this one, we can hear influences from artists like Tom Misch, Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai… With its smooth beats and vocals, it’s a perfect summer tune. Like the “The Light“, it talks about the opposition between nature and modern world.

This song has everything needed to be a summer hit! Discover it below and keep an eye on Sam Dian to hear his upcoming songs and see him live.



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