Ukiyo and FEELDS collaborate on "Something Like This" - Do You Like That Song?
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Ukiyo and FEELDS collaborate on “Something Like This”

Ukiyo is an Australian multi-instrumentalist and producer creating an unique blend of hip-hop, dance, and classical motifs. He kicks off 2018 with a collaboration with FEELDS, called “Something Like This“. The soulful vocals instantly reminded us of Nick Murphy (fka Chet Faker). Combined with Ukiyo’s R&B and groove, it simply makes the track irresistible!

On the collaboration process with FEELDS Ukiyo says:

“We first met at a show we were both playing in Melbourne. That voice! Those harmonies!! I’m always looking for people that bring something special and unique to a track and James’ amazing presence and writing in his own acoustic stuff really blew me away”.

This is the first extract from Ukiyo’s upcoming EP “Fantasy” out this Spring.



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