Folamour - The Power and The Blessing of Unity EP - Do You Like That Song?
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Folamour – The Power and The Blessing of Unity EP

Folamour is a French producer that we’ve been following for a while, who produces an incredible number of tracks, and never disappoints. Folamour always manage to use very catchy samples and to create a special groove with it, as you will hear with the title track of his new EP, “The Power and The Blessing of Unity“.

The EP, composed of 4 tracks, explores all the facets of Folamour’s sophisticated house and disco tendencies. It’s already available on vinyl via Glitterbox Recordings, and the digital version will come out on August 11 . In the meantime, you can already hear


1. The Power and The Blessing of Unity
2. Island Of Recent Father
3. Let’s Grab Some Smokes
4. Home Beyond The Clouds



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