Llorca - The Garden - Do You Like That Song?
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Llorca – The Garden

Llorca is a French producer combining influences from Soul, Jazz, Latin and African music. He was mainly known for his album “Newcomer” released in 2001 on F Communications label (Mr.Oizo, Laurent Garnier, Saint-Germain, etc…).

Also known for his electronic project Art Of Tones, Llorca comes back to his initial influences with this second album, “The Garden”. To accompany his funky grooves and deep melodies, Llorca invited a host of talented singers: Georg Levin, Frank H. Carter III, Laetitia Dana…  You can get a taste of the album “The Garden” (out viaMembran Records) with the 2 main singles: “You” and “Waiting”.

Click here to listen to the full album on your favorite music platform!



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