Purple Disco Machine - Purple Pianos EP - Do You Like That Song?
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Purple Disco Machine – Purple Pianos EP

DYLTS - Purple Disco Machine - Purple Pianos EP

“Germany’s Deep Funk innovator” Purple Disco Machine is releasing this week his debut EP on Kitball records, Tube & Berger’s label.

It’s Purple Disco Machine’s contribution to the burgeoning piano house revival, joining the likes of Dusky, MK, Bicep, Stars On 33… It’s a genre I particularly like, so I’m fond of this EP.

The first track “Where We Belong” has everything to quickly become an anthem: a funky bassline, disco guitar riffs, warm piano chords and female vocals from house diva Alex Mills. It’s coming with a colorful and psyche video that you can discover below.

The second one, “No Lips” features preaching vocal reminding of songs from Oliver $. Finally, “Song For O” combines latin house, italo house, acid house and balearic house, with no vocals. The EP also includes a remix by Veerus & Maxie Devine.



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