ZHU - Faded Remixes - Do You Like That Song?
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ZHU – Faded Remixes

ZHU - Faded Remixes DYLTS

Let’s finish the week with some amazing news from ZHU. We saw a couple of remixes for the song “Faded” appear today, actually part of the official remix package. With these addictive vocals and strong beats, this is the kind of song giving interesting elements for remixers. The package gathers reinterpretations from  TACHES, Lido, ODESZA, AMTRAC and The Magician… We let you choose your favorite! If I had to choose one, it would be… Well, it’s too early to tell.

Also in the playlist, you can hear remixes from Sean Dee and Steve James, not part of the official remixes but worth a listen too.



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