NTEIBINT feat. Stella – Never Without You

DYLTS NTEIBINT feat. Stella - Never Without You

First revealed on Kitsuné, it’s on Eskimo that Greek producer NTEIBINT released a new EP called “Never Without You”. It was part of the Eskimo Compilation “The Blue Collection”, and got a full single release with a remix package this week.

Defined as “an odd to love and londging”, the original version is really smooth, with gorgeous vocals from Stella. There are 3 remixes: Bluford Duck adapts it to dancefloors, Domestic Technology offers a nu-disco version and Gespleu slows it down to make it even chiller. Finally, there’s a second original song, “Baby”, just as good as the title track.



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  1. 5 February, 2018

    […] Nearby“. They have already released a couple of excellent songs together, such as “Never Without You” and “The […]