Interview #12: Maurice Aymard

Maurice Aymard

 Maurice Aymard is a Barcelona-based producer who just released his debut album called “Between Stars”. He has been working on it for 2 years, travelling around the globe to collaborate with artists from Berlin, London and Venezuela. We asked him a few questions about this album, the collaborators, his labels….


Hi Maurice, how are you doing?

Very, very well thank you.

How did you start to produce music? What are your major influences?

I started to produce music with my Partner Pablo Bolivar in the year 2008 so I am still pretty new to it. My major influences are NIN, Faith No more, Soda Stereo and Nirvana!

Can you tell us more about you new album?

As i come from a rock background I wanted to give the album a live feel. The whole concept of the album is based around live instruments, that´s why it took me over 2 years to do it. Playing on the album I had a drummer, 3 guitarists, 4 singers, a bassist and a sax  player. We recorded them in different parts of the world and the album is called Between Stars because of them!


This album features many interesting collaborations. How did you chose these collaborators?

They are all people that have been part of my life for the last 10 years. This was a time in my life were it was possible for all this pieces to be together all at once, so when i felt it was the right time I put them in the studio and recorded their talent.


I particularly liked your track with Gui Boratto, I’ve read it was done very quickly. How did you get such a good result?

Boratto is always on the run but we managed to get hold of him for a few hours here in Barcelona when he was on tour, so we rented a Fender Jazz Bass, had the studio all set up and ready and started recording with him straight away. He is a super talented producer so in a few hours we already had these incredible piano chords laid down and the rest is history.



You are running your own label Galaktika Records. Are there any more upcoming releases planned on it?

As well as Galaktika I also run another label called Apersonal Music, so yes we have a lot of stuff coming out! Artists like Ivan Picazo, Sasse, Roberto Rodriguez, Miguel Puente, Garnica, Trujillo, Nils Penner ,Massimiliano Pagliara and lots more, so yes we are pretty busy and have a full schedule.


You are Venezuelan but now based in Barcelona. What do you think of the music scene there? Any artists you recommend us?

Barcelona is an amazing city, I think the scene here is great, although it is quite dispersed but I think that is often the case where there is a lot of competition. Barcelona based artists I would recomend would include Pulshar, John Talabot, Cardopusher, Bruna and of course Garnica.


What are your 5 favorite tracks at the moment?

Pablo Bolivar – Diamonds
Mario Basanov – Give me back
Garnica – No Regrets (Undo remix )
Egyptian Nipples – Back But Half
Zoe – No Me Destruyas


Do you want to add anything to conclude?

Follow your dreams !


Thanks for answering our questions, all the best for your album release!

Buy the album on iTunes, Beatport and Juno.

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