Lou Reed tribute edits

Lou Reed tribute edits

You may saw too many songs from Lou Reed posted yesterday, but when a genius leaves us, we have to talk about him and remember his work! Most of us will probably listen his songs more than usual these days! I saw some people saying “you were not listening to Lou Reed, so don’t start now”, but as we say, better late than never. For those who are now thinking they don’t know Lou Reed, you have to know he was part of the band Velvet Underground, who made the amazing “Sunday Morning”: (the artwork made by Andy Warhol must ring a bell too)


If you are tired of seeing Lou Reed’s songs everywhere you still have to keep on reading because I feature here 3 nice edits for some of his songs. The good thing about them is they respect the most important rule when it comes putting hands on classic songs: they are just edits, which means they stay close to the original, with the vocals still intact. A good way to rediscover some of his most famous songs, a bit more funky. Of course, you should also listen to his original album.

RIP Lou.



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