Trashlagoon – Struggle EP

Trashlagoon - Struggle EP

Délicieuse Musique does not only shares great music, they are also a record label, which started with amazing producers like Stereoclip, Max Liese, and Bakermat. They are now regularly releasing new EPs, always with the same quality, they seem to have a real talent to find the great emerging producers.

This new release comes from German duo Trashlagoon. “Struggle” is the first single from their debut album  « Blue Empire » set to release January 2014. You’ll notice the deep house sound typical from Germany, with subtle piano touches and a catchy beat. The EP includes a remix by Madmotormiquel, and Viken Arman, which has been revelead by the label Délicieuse. If you like what you hear, you have to know that the label plans a live exclusive in Paris, another single set for November, and a vinyl release….!

Get the EP here via iTunes.



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