Brynjolfur - I Love You
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Brynjolfur – I Love You

Brynjolfur-I Love You

Brynjolfur is a producer from the Faroe islands, now based in Copenhagen. His new single released last month on the label Eskimo received support from Tensnake, diskJokke, Drop Out Orchestra, Jerry Bouthier, Casio Social Club… which is already a good sign!

His song “I Love You” is a great piece of nu-disco, with subtle touch of synths, a bit of vocal samples, and even a funky guitar riff at some point. The EP includes remixes from Copycat & Martin Brodin, Pharao Black Magic, and Peter Visti. My favorite is the one from Pharao Black Magic, who add tropical vibes. Oh, and there’s a video for the song!

I couldn’t agree more with Kasper Bjørke: “I think the Danish producer Brynjolfur is really evolving right now — he is releasing a great single on Eskimo soon.” So go grab his EP, and keep an eye on him!




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