Interview #6 + Exclusive Mix: Daniele Di Martino

Daniele Di Martino Interview+Exclusive Mix

For this new interview, we asked a few questions to Daniele Di Martino, a producer we discovered with his amazing remix of Kat Frankie’s “People”. Read this interview to know more about this producer on who you should definitely keep an eye on! Also, he was kind enough to prepare an exclusive mix for us! Play it below, and enjoy while reading the interview:

About the mix..

Kein Getuemmel is a German word and it means ‘not crowded’. I have tried to make a smooth and deep mix which you can listen to at any time. I hope you will enjoy it.

Hello Daniele! Your name sounds Italian, but your Facebook page says you are a German producer based in London. Can you tell us more about your origins?

I am half German and half Italian born in Germany but based in London because I have been working here now for over one year for a record company.


How did you come to begin producing music?

I have started to make music very early with 4 by playing the cello but producing music as I do today I have started 2 years ago.


You mostly shared remixes recently, do you plan to release new original songs?

Yes of course but here in London I have just a MacBook 13” and some Sony Headphones. This is not really the best set-up to make own original tracks. In October I will move to Berlin where I will set up my own studio room with some nice speakers. Really looking forward to it and hope you will enjoy my upcoming work.


Last year, some producers such as Bakermat and Klingande started introducing saxo in deep house songs. What do you think of this new trend?

It is a really nice instrument and their tracks are sounding good but I think I wouldn’t use a saxophone in my tracks.


Everyone is speaking about Daft Punk’s new album, but there are very different reactions towards it. What is your personal opinion about this album?

To be honest I haven’t listened to their compilation yet just heard their track ‘Get Lucky’ on Radio and I quite liked it. But I think the promotion behind their compilation was one of the best ones I have ever seen.


What are your projects for the future? Is there any artist in particular with who you would like to collaborate?

Moving to Berlin setting up a studio with a good friend to produce music the whole day. And I would like to work with Soap&Skin, Maxxi Soundsystem or Andhim so far.


Are you planning to attend/play in any festival this summer?

Yes but it is not really a festival. It’s an open air club and I will play there for one week. The club is called Carpe Diem Beach and is on a small island in front of Hvar in Croatia.

What are your hobbies apart from music?

I’ve been sailing almost all my life and still really enjoying it when I have time to go. It’s the same with skiing and snowboarding. And I also like playing squash.
What are your 5 favorite tracks at the moment?

1. Le Youth – C O O L (Ben Pearce Remix)

2. Israel Vich, Jairo Betancourt – My Heart (Original Mix)

3. Sasch – Lazy Strings (Soul Button Remix)

4. Hunter_Game – Don’t Feel The Presence (Original Mix)

5. HVBO – Always Like This (Andhim Remix)

Thanks for answering our questions!

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