Classixx – Hanging Gardens LP

Classixx - Hanging Gardens

We’ve been waiting for it a long long time, and it’s finally here…. L.A.-based duo Classixx, that was revealed with the song “I’ll Get You”, is about to release their debut album called, “Hanging Gardens”. It will be out on May 14th, but we can already stream it on Soundcloud!

You can hear in the album some songs that were available before, like “I’ll Get You”, “Holding On”, “Borderline”, “A Fax From The Beach”… But there’s also a lot of new tracks, like “Hanging Gardens”, a great instrumental introduction to the album. The duo took some time to release this album, but it was worth the wait!



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  1. 15 July, 2013

    […] you probably know, the duo Classixx released their debut album “Hanging Gardens”┬áin May, which is perfect for summer! They just released a video for the single “All […]

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