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Last year, Goldroom released his song “Fifteen”, which had summer written all over it. A lot of remixes came out for the song, and among them, I spotted the one from Rotkraft, that was sounding a bit like Poolside, with that nice bassline which was missing in the original song. Since then, I followed the work of Rotkraft, they released a couple of songs in 2012, and their debut EP last month. Read this interview to learn more about them, as usual, all the music we talk about is included so that you can discover their productions and the music they like. Enjoy!

Hello guys! Can you introduce yourselves? When did you start the project Rotkraft?

Hello, we are two friends, Lasha Margiani and George Japaridze from Tbilisi, Georgia. Our project was founded about 2 years ago when we discovered that we had the same musical tastes. At first, we had our own projects and then we teamed up and started making music together. When we started producing music, it was hard to make quality tracks but after some time we gained experience and finally we reached the desired results.


You were revealed with your remix of Goldroom’s “Fifteen”, that, in my opinion, really stands out among the remixes for this song. Did you expect such a success with this remix?

Thank you! Everything started by discovering the original track by Goldroom: when we were listening to it, we just thought making a remix of this track was a great idea , because the original was too sweet. We thought that making it more nu disco influenced would be very cool, so we tried, and as you see the result is pretty cool.


You are probably the only band from Georgia that I know. Is there an active electronic music scene there? Are there other artists from there we should listen to?

Electronic music scene here is normal, but we can’t reveal ourselves here enough,  because clubs are more interested in other kinds of music.

Yes, in 2012 appeared a few artists who really deserve attention, here are some of them we can recommend you :


Gacha who is signed on Apollo records


Stimmhalt who will soon have debut vinyl release of his single “Together” (by the way we are working on a remix of this track),


and SvanSikh, a band which is making Nu disco/Synth Pop sounding music.


You produce different type of tracks, some only instrumental, some using vocals or samples… What influences you in your productions?

 We’re trying to make music that is around Nudisco/House and keep tropical/positive vibe in our productions, but sometimes it depends on our mood while we are working on our projects.


Your debut EP was released in January on the label Nurvous. How did you come to collaborate with this label? And are you happy with the reactions towards this release so far?

So, we were working on a 3 tracks EP as an original artist and Andrew (A&R of Nurvous, by the way the best A&R in the world hehe) liked our remix of “Fifteen”, so he approached Josh (Goldroom) and worked out a deal to feature it on the EP. We are really happy about this release. We like this label a lot and reactions were quite good: the tracks from our EP were included in Beatport must hear Nu disco/Indie dance chart and it was keeping top positions during the first week of the release. So we are happy with everything.


What are your 5 favorite tracks at the moment? How do you usually find new music?





Some years ago we were discovering music on forums, Beatport and things like that. Now, Soundcloud and social networks help us a lot to keep up to date about updates of artists, blogs are sharing some good music too and we are receiving promos as well.

Also, we have some secret weapons which we can’t say hahah!


What are your projects for the future? Is there any artist in particular with who you would like to collaborate?

At the moment, we’re working on 3 remixes, and original tracks as well. In April 12th and 13th we are playing in Turkey, Izmir and Istanbul. We have invitations from France and South part of US too. And the latest good news is that now we are part of Kumasi Music family! Our track called “Mumbai” will be released on their first compilation!

Would you like to add anything?

First of all, we would like to thank you and everyone who likes our music and supports us. 2013 will be hot for us so keep an eye on us!


Thanks Rotkraft!

You can follow Rotkraft on Facebook, Twitter, and check out their songs on Soundcloud. Their debut EP is out now on Beatport.


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