Isaac Delusion – Early Morning EP

I still remember how I discovered the band Isaac Delusion… A guy following the blog sent me their video for “Early Morning” as a suggestion, and I am really grateful to him. I instantly fell in love with this song! That was back in July, and since then, I had the time to listen to their debut EP “Midnight Sun” many times, which is really nice, looking forward to the release of this second EP.

So here we are, their EP “Early Morning” is out! The title track will surely seduce you, if you don’t already know it, with its dreamy atmosphere, mixing pop, folk, and a bit of electronic music. “Purple Sky” is a great ballad, with a highlight on the male and female vocals that go well together. “Transistors” alternates between rhythmed vocal samples and the beautiful vocals from the singer Loic Fleury. “Supernova” brings its dose of piano, very welcomed to complete the intimate atmosphere of this EP. The journey ends with “Sand Castle”, quite minimalist, with only an acoustic guitar and the vocals. Once this song ends, you just want to play these 5 songs again…

Isaac Delusion confirm that they are a talented band, able to develop their own atmosphere and sound identity. Congratulations to them and to the label Cracki Records for this beautiful release! You can watch the video for “Early Morning” below. Each track will get a video! You can also stream a preview of the EP, and watch their performance of “Early Morning” in London.

The EP is available on iTunes.

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