Moullinex – Flora (Album Stream)

Moullinex‘s debut album “Flora” is finally out since Friday. You can stream it on Soundcloud, it’s made of 14 great nu-disco tracks! To learn more about Luis Clara Gomez, the man behind Moullinex, you can read his interview on the blog Last Gas Station.

Also, check out the music video for the single “Take My Pain Away”, and download for free the radio edit of the song!

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  1. 5 November, 2012

    […] Here is the brand new release on French label On The Fruit Records! It comes from Russian producers Sohight & Cheevy. The EP consists of 4 funky tracks, driven by groovy vintage synths. It includes a remix of the title track by Moullinex, who was recently under the spotlight with his debut album “Flora”. […]

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