Kitsuné Soleil Mix by Gildas & Jerry - Do You Like That Song?
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Kitsuné Soleil Mix by Gildas & Jerry

The latest Kitsuné compilation is out today! A bit different from the series”Kitsuné Maison”, the French label delivers a great summer selection, mixed by Gildas Loaec and Jerry Bouthier. The opening track from Moon Boots featuring Violetness was quite anticipated, as it was not released before. The compilation includes mostly remixes, from Goldroom, JBAG, Attari, Cut Copy…I personally didn’t discover many new songs as I use to do while listening to a Kitsuné Maison compilation, but the selection is really good, I wouldn’t throw away any of the songs. If you like nu-disco/indie dance, don’t miss this opportunity to get in one shot hot songs released recently.

Here is a selection of tracks taken from the compilation:

More info on Kitsuné Journal

Purchase link on Beatport




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