Ondulé Recordings launches a vinyl-only catalog with 'Those Guys EP' - Do You Like That Song?
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Ondulé Recordings launches a vinyl-only catalog with ‘Those Guys EP’

DYLTS - Ondulé LTD - Those Guys EP

If you like house, you may already heard about French label Ondulé Recordings, founded by Joss Moog, Around7 & Jean Cé (also known as Soulfood). Their spirit? “It’s all about the groove, and the house music.”. A pretty good motto!

They will launch a vinyl-only catalog called Ondulé LTD. To kick it off, they will release a 4-track EP, featuring songs from Around7, Joss Moog, Paul Cut and HateLate. Get ready to hear melodic lines, dancin’ hooks & raw beats. My personal favorite is the last song, but each of them will make you groove for sure.



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