Fouk – Gruff EP

DYLTS - Fouk - Gruff EP

Here is a release that I’ve already listened to several times in the last few days. It comes from Dutch duo Fouk: “Gruff” is their fourth EP, coming out on the excellent label House Of Disco.

The EP includes 3 original track: “Gruff”, “Orchard” and “Freebooter”. Each of them are incredibly groovy, with a retro touch, featuring guitar riffs, piano, synths, vocal samples… You’ll also hear 3 really good remixes from Ron Basejam, Snacks and Harry Wolfman. Ready to boogie? Press play below.

“Gruff” EP is out on vinyl already via House Of Disco Records, and will be available digitally on 1st February 2016.



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  1. 9 April, 2016

    […] “Devil The Difference” is just as good as these previous songs, with a retro touch, an addictive groove and smooth vocal samples. The EP includes a “Future Dub” version, emphasizing the mellow and melodic parts of the track. You’ll also hear “Boogie With Billy”, a bit faster and funky than the title track, reminding of artists like Fouk. […]