Saje - Freefallin' Dreams - Do You Like That Song?
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Saje – Freefallin’ Dreams

DYLTS - Saje - Freefallin' Dreams

Parisian duo Saje is one of the best revelations of 2015, with their beautiful songs such as “Lost Tonight” or “About You”. They are joining Roche Musique to release their debut EP “Freefallin’ Dreams”. It will be out on January 15, but we can already hear the title track!

The song takes us once more in the sensual and chill atmosphere of the duo, with sweet melodies and vocals. Perfect to enjoy your Sunday! The EP will include 2 more original tracks and 2 remixes by Katuchat and Kartell (see tracklist below).


1.¬†Freefallin’ Dreams

2. Our Story

3. Raspberry

4. Freefallin Dream (Katuchat Remix)

5. Saje РOur Story (Kartell Remix)




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