Møme - Aloha EP - Do You Like That Song?
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Møme – Aloha EP

DYLTS - Møme - Aloha EP

Møme is a French producer influenced by French touch and Australian chill-wave. He started to collaborate with the label DDM Recordings in March, with the EP “Cosmopolitan”. After this successful release, he’s back with “Aloha”.

This 5 track EP is between pop and electro, with powerful synths and sweet melodies, combined with vocals from guest artists. Special mention to “Clones” featuring Okou and Crystal, and the title track “Aloha” featuring Merryn Jeann.

“Aloha” EP is out now via DDM Recordings. Catch Møme at FAUST in Paris on October 17 for the release party!



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